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Issue #5
The fifth issue of Books Africana online magazine
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Love Stories

From the Editor: On Loving Ourselves and Each Other

All stories are love stories. In a great story, that most fundamental of human emotions plays at many different levels. Black Panther is a great example of this, it is a story about love of country, love of family, love of justice as well as romantic love. Even the darkest story with a self absorbed […]

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Black Love: 11 Books that would make a perfect Valentine's (or Galentine's) read

Our weekly reading list is all about love this week

Jazz by Toni Morrison Summary: A passionate novel set in New York City during the Jazz Age. Jazz is a novel dominated by love, grief, and offers a perceptive account of black urban life. During the winter of 1926, a middle-aged man named Joe shoots and kills his teenage mistress. Joe’s wife gets her revenge [...]
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Introducing... Malorie Blackman

The fifth edition of our regular series of articles introducing the life and work of a great black writer.

“What strikes me as a brilliant book is a book that I totally get lost in when I’m reading it. I absolutely believe in the characters. I feel as they feel. So, when they’re hurting, I’m hurting. When they’re happy, I’m happy. And I just get lost in it. So, for me, when I’m writing, […]

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Read the World: 10 Novels by writers from Chicago

We have a saying at Books Africana HQ, if you can't travel, travel by book.

Chicago has a strong black literary tradition. Most notably, the writers of the Chicago Black Renaissance made a rich and powerful contribution to the literary canon. Their work tackled important issues of race and identity interpreting and contributing to the changes taking place amidst the racial tensions and booming economy of the post-war period. The […]

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